Sources and Techniques


Please visit this site to see an excellent technique for building a pot using the coil technique.  Please remember that in pottery, as in life, there are many different ways to do the same thing.  (


Mudtools:   This is a great source of very well designed and unique tools.  Best known for the colorful polymer ribs, they have the best wire cut-off tool that does not kink, a rib-shaped finishing sponge and a nice little planer/shredder,  all in my toolbox (

Coconut Shell Rib

Coconut Shell Ribs:  The best tool for making well-engineered bowls.  Available as a set at Clay People in Richmond, CA ( and Clay Planet in Santa Clara, CA (  They can be purchased individually through The Ceramic Shop (

Scoring Tool:  You can always use your your pin tool or a fork, but my favorite is a nice little retractable tool from Xiem Studio Tools (


Blue Celadon Glaze:  I love celadon glazes but most of them are too green or dull.  Finally, I found three beautiful blue celedons.  Aardvark has many celadon glazes, particularly their white celedon CQ101 (really a very translucent blue), be careful, it runs. Their AATC115 Non-Iron Blue Celadon is the best color I’ve found plus you can fire it in an electric kiln. ( The third is a dry blue celedon made by Clay People in Richmond, CA.    All are cone 9-10.  I’m still looking for a cone 5-6 blue celadon.


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