Creativity and intuition go hand in hand. I think many artists feel compelled to make up lofty theories about their work to fit neatly into a logical package. Maybe it’s done because non-artists need an explanation to relate to the work. The problem with forcing a logical spin on art is that the creative spirit is not logical–it is intuitive.

My work has to do with me responding to my intuitive impulse so I don’t have a formal artist’s statement.

I believe that talent is directly related to a person’s ability to trust their intuition. To me, intuition is the connection with a higher energy: nature, Christ/Allah/Buddha, etc. The more we can turn off our logical thinking and simply allow a free flow of ideas, the more “creative” or “talented” we become.

I feel that those who do not think they are talented have not been able to find their medium, be it the art of psychology, math, whatever and/or have not opened themselves to their intuition. Another part of creativity is being fearless. One must trust the inner idea–the first impulse–and not judge it or be afraid that it may not be good. Failure is nothing–you just learned what you don’t like–and if it doesn’t work, so what!

Given my belief in following the creative impulse, my work is in constant evolution with no particular style. Many artists feel that it is important to develop a signature style or voice. For me, that approach feels too restrictive.  Even with my realtors’ artist sketches, each piece is dictated by the personality of the building.

Lately, I have been making functional pieces for my personal use. But one day, I was talking on the phone and doodling and a very strange looking sculptural piece emerged–the antithesis of what I was working on. It just happens. Often, a fully formed image comes to my mind, usually just before of after sleep, in the shower, or when I clear my mind and let new ideas come in. Then I do a sketch and get over to the studio. The final product is very close to the impulse and first sketch–I don’t mess with that original design because when it first appears, it is in its purest form.

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