Graphic Arts

Sheet Metal Workers Logo
Sheet Metal Workers Local Logo

I began learning commercial art in school so moving on to Photoshop and graphics seemed like a natural.


Karen Draft Design_edited-1Sheet Metal Workers Regional Logo

Elena Business Card bigger     Bethany 1 copy

Logos, letterheads and business cards make up most commissions.  However, larger projects include illustrating a landscape redesign of  Jack London Square in Oakland, CA.

Here is a small landscape design proposal, before and conceptual after (all graphics, not a photo of real re-plantings)!

Pool, before

Proposed graphic design
Proposed “after” graphic design
Warhol Woody!
Warhol Woody!

Want an Andy Warhol-style portrait?  This can be a very powerful image in a large format.


Want a unique portrait? How about a master’s portrait?  Place your face in it !  Portrait of Kathleen superimposed into a portrait by Mucha.

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