Glaze Recipes

My Favorite Glaze Recipes

Coming up when I get time to post–call or send an email if you can’t wait:

Fairbanks Black–a satin black glaze that does not run.

Peach Matt–Peach to white.

Crawling Shino–Handed down from Paul Soldner.


Gersley Borate:


Cindy Yellow:

Barium Blue:

Non-Iron Blue Celadon:  Used on Coleman’s Porcelain

  • Custer Feldspar–27.26
  • Whiting–23.28
  • EPK Kaolin–19.20
  • Zinc Oxide–3.01
  • Silica–27.26
  • 100%
  • Mason Stain #6390 1.9%

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